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Hello! Welcome to the Rocket Coil blog!

I believe my knowledge is doing the best job, when I put it out there. It will not be the ultimate guide on anything in particular, but I hope that someone who might want to learn things similar to what I do, will find it helpful. On the blog we will mainly cover 3 topics:

  • The development of Faery Tale
  • Production Design and Storytelling topics
  • “Let’s Call That Philosophy” series

With the Faery Tale series I’m going to talk about how Faery Tale was (and still is) being produced. It’s my first ‘real’ 3D animated film that I’m making and I’m learning a lot while producing it. I’m starting to understand the scope of the production of (3D) animated movie, as making this one is taking enormous amounts of energy and time. Animation is just a monstrous craft.

Production Design and Storytelling is what I’m starting to make my speciality withing animated film. I’m learning a lot throughout my studies and these topics are still quite vaguely represented on the internet. I’m trying to pick up everything I can and refine it into those two. It’s amazing what other craftsmanships can teach us about this. Film, graphic design, books, traditional art, architecture, product design, service design and so many other crafts I haven’t touched yet. A lot has already been told and most of it we can transfer implement directly in the animated film.

Let’s Call That Philosophy is quite a different cup of tea compared to the other two. These posts will touch more general aspect and approach to design, storytelling and self-discipline. I have a lot to learn on all of these and as I do, I plan to share the findings with you. A lot of inspiration will come from the real life events, when I talk to people.

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