Where the Faery Tale begins

At the time of writing, Faery Tale is the main project developed under Rocket Coil. It’s the prototype of a short animated film and therefore a basic framework example of how Rocket Coil operates.

It was mid-winter, late 2015 when I was writing a script for the new animated short I was going to make. The previous one was quite mercilessly killed set aside for the better days and I really wanted to make “my breakthrough film”; the sooner the better. It shouldn’t be all that hard, I thought to myself, since I already knew how to model, place cameras, some basic rendering and animation in Maya.

Moving on three months, the story was set, I just finished the storyboard and the characters were coming together nicely. The guy whom I had a deal with that he will rig my characters just got a new job, so this didn’t go very well. I also got a part-time job, since the production of the film just extended due to the fact that I had to learn to rig now, and I couldn’t afford to work full-time on the Faery Tale anymore.

The first Storyboard

Another three months later, in the summer of 2016 the production (temporary) stopped. I started working full-tume for a paid project which I hoped will be able to sustain the production of Faery Tale for a while. Both girls were rigged now, all there’s left is layout and animation. Shouldn’t be much of a problem.

And so the December came around again, and there was still no layout in sight. From the paid projects, I shifted focus to Faery Tale again, finally making my film. I have to do this right, if I am to ever work on animated movies. And I’m working on it for way too long already.

That was when I started to understand what making an animated film was.

And this is the beginning of the Faery Tale that we know today.

More about it coming soon…

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