“Story is the King”, they say.

Making a Faery Tale is a process that exceeds 18 months of pre-production and production. It’s the pilot project of Rocket Coil to learn and understand the process of making an animated film. Whatever mistake might be made on the Faery Tale, is the mistake we can learn to never make again.

In December 2016 I was ready to make the layout for the Faery Tale, and then push it onwards into animation. I guess if I went about it fairly quickly, I could proclaim Faery Tale finished in about 3 months. There was just this little itch in the back of my head that Story simply wasn’t good enough. It would make a good music video, but as a movie it would fail to leave a lasting impression. There was no resolve, the characters didn’t grow.

So the first thing to do was to fix story. Continue reading ““Story is the King”, they say.”

Where the Faery Tale begins

At the time of writing, Faery Tale is the main project developed under Rocket Coil. It’s the prototype of a short animated film and therefore a basic framework example of how Rocket Coil operates.

It was mid-winter, late 2015 when I was writing a script for the new animated short I was going to make. The previous one was quite mercilessly killed set aside for the better days and I really wanted to make “my breakthrough film”; the sooner the better. It shouldn’t be all that hard, I thought to myself, since I already knew how to model, place cameras, some basic rendering and animation in Maya.

Moving on three months, the story was set, I just finished the storyboard and the characters were coming together nicely. The guy whom I had a deal with that he will rig my characters just got a new job, so this didn’t go very well. I also got a part-time job, since the production of the film just extended due to the fact that I had to learn to rig now, and I couldn’t afford to work full-time on the Faery Tale anymore. Continue reading “Where the Faery Tale begins”